Welcome to Phoenix Vision

From earliest memory I played with those that have passed away. I would get premonitions that always came true. I could see and hear Angels singing. As a child I thought that everyone was as sensitive as I.

It important that I know nothing before a reading. If it makes sense to you, a yes or no will suffice. You can tell me afterwards what the reading meant to you.

One day a friend of mine whose daughter was going deaf. My hands started to burn, so I put a hand on each ear. She rested in my lap for an hour. With my mind eye, I could see a bone structure out of place. She went home to her mother and the doctors could find nothing wrong with her hearing.

I recommend following through with your doctor if you are I’ll.

A woman who happened to be East Asian came for a reading. After holding her hands for a moment, Spirit came through. I told her that the Mother wants her to contact her sister asap. The Mother (though not yet dead), asked for forgiveness because she had driven a wedge between the sisters since the one I was reading had left India to come to the US. I asked her if any of this made sense. Through tears she said yes.

How can Phoenix Vision help you find the answers you seek?

Emerald Phoenix provides hands-on healing in person and by phone. For further information, please contact:

Sessions held at:
The Famous Georgio Mikaelis Salon
      1250 NJ-28
Branchburg, NJ 08876

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